Fundación Santa Rosa is the social arm of the company Esmeraldas Santa Rosa, located in the mining sector of Maripi, municipality of western Boyaca.

Strategic Lines

In Fundación Santa Rosa we seek that the community of the municipality of Maripi and western Boyaca have the same possibilities of growth and of exercising their rights based on their potential and capabilities. To do this, we deploy the following strategic lines, framed in three major programs, each with their respective projects:

Education and culture

Generation of knowledge from social processes, with educational relevance and pedagogical proposals according to the construction of a better quality of life.

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Economic and local development

Generation of income and strengthening of agricultural activities as determinant for the progress of the community.

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Peace and governance

Improvement of the relationship of the community with the public management for the construction of a more democratic and peaceful region.

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Maripi, municipality of western Boyacá, is the area of ​​direct influence of Fundación Santa Rosa, including the municipal seat, the populated centers, the administrative areas and sectors where the stakeholders are settled.

These stakeholders are made up of communities, their organizations and representatives, authorities of local, regional and national territorial entities, control bodies and private actors.

The area of indirect influence of the Foundation corresponds to the province of western Boyacá, where the activity of the company Esmeraldas Santa Rosa also has an impact. This area has an area of 2,421 km2 and is composed of, in addition to Maripí, the municipalities of Otanche, Quípama, La Victoria, San Pablo de Borbur, Muzo, Pauna, Coper, Buenavista, Caldas, Saboyá, Briceño, San Miguel de Sema and Tununguá. These municipalities share the watershed of the Minero River and are traditionally and institutionally recognized as a territory that shares socio-economic and cultural dynamics.


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